The Great Aussie Bush camp has a huge range of on-site activities that can be tailored to your requirements. All the activities are designed to be challenging, yet fun and include the traditional favourites such as our dual flying fox which traverses the on-site lake. With over 40 separate on-site activities on offer and a range of off-site excursions in the vicinity we have enough options to cover a variety of educational and experience requirements.

Whilst no two activities are the same, you can classify our activities into five separate areas:

We want students and teachers alike to get the most out of the camp as possible and we know that learning through experience is a great way to do this. That's why each activity is designed to specifically challenge students in a different way. Some activities are designed to instill confidence at heights, some are designed to promote more positive teamwork skills and others build coordination.

All activities, however, are different and the effect upon each student will depend on the individual way they interact with the activity. All of the activities at camp are operated on the 'Challenge by Choice' principle. That means each individual chooses how much they participate in the activity and ultimately how much they are challenged. All of the activities at camp are also designed to build on our four separate C's. These are:

* Coordination
* Communication
* Cooperation
* Consideration



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