Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Great Aussie Bush Camp have public liability insurance?
Q: Are the employees of The Great Aussie Bush Camp, engaged in child related employment screened for their suitability to work with Children by The Office of The Children's Guardian?
Q: Are the instructors qualified to run the activities?
Q: Does my child have to participate in all the activities?
Q: Is the equipment checked regularly?
Q: Who takes care of my child's medication?
Q: Can the kitchen cater for specific dietary needs?
Q: What is the food like?
Q: What is a mess kit?
Q: Does the camp have access for students with disabilities?
Q: Are there toilets for students with disabilities?
Q: What is tent style accommodation?
Q: Who determines the room allocations?
Q: Is there a hospital nearby?
Q: Is there an ambulance service nearby?
Q: Is there a first aid room?
Q: Can we organise transport?
Q: Is there a souvenir shop?


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