Dual Flying Foxes

Two times the adventure = one great ride! 

For serious thrill seekers, The Great Aussie Bush Camp has lots of activities to choose from. But for double the fun, students can check out our new Dual Flying Fox where speed is definitely the name of the game. Reaching speeds of up to 60k’s an hour at a height of over 10 metres over the beautiful 8 acres of Lake Ivan, the Dual Flying Fox is an adrenalin pumping, heart racing experience that’s even more exciting when shared with your mate.

The Dual Flying Fox helps develop confidence at heights and while lots of fun, are still quite challenging for many students. The ability for student pairs to go together helps develop peer support, or healthy competition, depending on the setting and allows two people to directly share the experience. All students are required to wear harnesses & helmets.

Enjoy a ride over Lake Ivan, it's almost as good as being there.ALMOST!



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