Leap of Faith

That’s want small step for man. One giant leap of faith for mankind!

Imagine the rush of leaping off a tall, some would say very tall, telegraph pole to try and grab hold of a small trapeze that’s just a little bit further out in front of you than you’d like it to be!

With nothing but thin air in front and the ground oh so far below, some people find our Leap of Faith the most challenging activity at camp. Although the climb up can be daunting enough, in the end it is as easy as falling off a log, except his log is standing on its end and can range from 7 - 11 m tall. That’s like leaping off a third floor balcony.

While the Leap of Faith can be very challenging, students can choose how difficult they want their challenge to be. We have four different 'Leaps' (7m, 8m, 10m, 11m) and the trapeze bar can be moved closer or further from the pole.

This activity helps students develop confidence at height, as well as trust and teamwork as two teams of peers belay each jumper. All students wear a full body harness and a helmet.



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