Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is an excellent activity. It tests physical coordination, agility and endurance. It also tests students problem solving skills as they attempt to pick the easiest path from the bottom to the top. Trust and teamwork are also important as climbers are belayed by teams of their peers. With an activity as valuable as this it is easy to realise why it is so popular.

We provide a 15m artificial outdoor tower for 6 climbers. The overhang at the top of the tower can be extended out to 30 degrees to suit the ability of the students.

Indoor Rock Climbing is quickly becoming more popular as a recreational sport in the commercial market. Not only is it a great all-weather activity, but it is a great introduction and training ground for natural face climbing.

The Indoor Rock Climbing gym has a wide variety of climbs to suit anyone from the novice to the experienced climber. You are certain to find something to challenge all of your students, regardless of age or experience.

All students are required to wear a harness and a helmet.



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