Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge | Vertical Team Challenge | Climbing Matrix

The climbing matrix is made up of ropes, cables, wood, steel, cargo nets, and a variety of other materials. It is designed to run as a vertical obstacle course and is the highest activity on site.

Each element is designed for simultaneous climbers. Students can choose whether they want to race each other, or complete the element cooperatively.

Across the top of this structure is another activity called Hug-A-Buoy which is similar to several elements on our High Ropes Course, but much higher.

Vertical Team Challenge ties together skills in climbing, confidence at heights, teamwork, trust and peer support. It allows 13 students to climb simultaneously, plus another on Hug-A-Buoy.

The entire structure rises to a height of 17m.

All students are required to wear harnesses and helmets.



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