Alpine Challenge

Alpine Team Challenge is a great rescue simulator that brings student teams together to meet common goals. Students are given the task of navigating a challenging obstacle course while carrying a member of their team in a rescue stretcher. In order to do this students will need to solve many physical, emotional and social problems along the way.

Alpine Team Challenge is a superb activity for building peer relations, teamwork, communication and leadership skills. Students also get ample time to critically evaluate the success of their team against the task.

All students are required to wear a helmet for this activity.

The Great Aussie Bush Camp is currently updating its photo library of the more than 40 activities we have on-site plus our fabulous off-site activities. At the moment we don’t have any photos of the Alpine Challenge, so please enjoy the rest of the site where you can find lots of photos and videos. We hope to have this section updated in the near future so please come back and visit us again soon.



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