The Musketeers were famous for it. Zorro carved his name in history with one (literally slashing his trade mark ‘Z’ signature on his opponent’s shirt) and Johnny Depp showed he was no slouch with one either in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

Of course, we’re talking about swords and the skillful art of fencing.

Fast facts:

• Fencing (or dueling with swords) was once a popular way to defend ones self or to settle ‘gentlemanly disputes’ (once and for all!)
• Fencing schools can be found in European historical records dating back to the 12th century and by the middle of the 16th century were popular in many European cities
• ‘Modern fencing’ is one of four sports to have featured in every one of the modern Olympic Games
• Is divided into three weapons the ‘foil’, the ‘sabre’ and the ‘épée’
• You can learn the highly skilled art of fencing (and duel it out safely) at the Great Aussie Bush Camp

At the Great Aussie Bush Camp students use foils and are completely protected with special body suits, facemasks and plastic round tips on the end of the foil. Competitors score points by making contact with the point of their foil on certain scoring zones on their opponent’s body. At The Great Aussie Bush Camp ‘fencing school’, points are scored if you touch an opponent on their chest plate (with the tip of their foil) or if you force an opponent out of the court. The first to 3 points is the winner.

There are three types of swords:
Foil – lightest, most flexible blade, great for beginners.
Épée – slightly heavier and more rigid than the foil
Sabre – originally used by cavalry met has a protective scoop shaped hand guard that curves under the hand, very strong rigid blade used for thrusting and slashing moves

Apart from the fascinating history of fencing, the sport teaches speed, agility and tactical thinking. It also helps to develop lightning fast reflexes and fitness.

Where else can you learn a sport with a centuries long tradition that is just as demanding and exciting today?

Forget virtual games on Play Station and X-Box, real life fencing at The Great Aussie Bush Camp allows you to match your wits and your skills up close and personal, one on one. Now that’s a whole lot of fun.



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