Two Person Power Fan

Imagine being strapped securely into a harness, putting on your safety helmet and then climbing to the top of a very, very  tall pole before being politely asked to please step off!

Welcome to the Great Aussie Bush Camp's fantastic new activity - the 'two-person Power Fan'. Taking a turn on the 'Power Fan' is an experience that will live in your memory long after you've left for home. No wonder it's quickly becoming the benchmark for the ultimate great adrenalin rush. 

So what is a 'two-person power fan'? Well it's a little bit like the giant drop at Dreamworld but without the crowds waiting to take a turn or the comfort of having a dozen or so other people taking the leap with you. The Great Aussie Bush Camp's Power Fan is all about meeting adventure head on. Just you and your mate taking the leap together. And what a leap it is.

But don't worry, it's not like bungee jumping, where you experience a bone jarring bounce at the end of an uncontrolled fall. With our Power Fan, from the moment you overcome your natural inclination to stay put and take that first tentative step, you're journey back to earth is controlled all the way down. And if you can open your eyes at some point, we guarantee you the best view for kilometres around!



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