Survivor Challenge - Kincumber

At a Great Aussie Bush Camp 'Survivor Challenge' there's no immunity idol "up for grabs" like there is in the Survivor reality television series but there are plenty of rewards "worth playing for"!

Survivor Challenge is all about problem solving while having a lot of fun along the way. 

Students and teachers are given the task of navigating a water course using only a couple of planks and even fewer pieces of rope. Working together, everyone needs to be able to communicate and cooperate - or they get wet. But don't worry - you won't be sent to tribal council and no-one will be voted off the island! In fact at the end of the day you'll not only have some great skills to take home but maybe even some embarrassing photos of less-than-perfectly-executed plans as well.

Worth playing for? You bet!

Survivior Challenge is generally appropriate for Year 5 and up.



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