The Great Aussie Bush Camp Has Another Destination

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we strive to deliver the best possible opportunities for students to achieve outdoor recreation based teaching and learning outcomes that are fun, challenging, diverse, relevant and memorable.

That's why we're excited about our second site at Kincumber, just one hour north of Sydney. Being that there's 'one great Aussie, two great locations, students can have more than one Great Aussie Bush Camp experience without ever feeling that they've 'been there, done that'.

Situated on 40 hectares of un-spoiled bush land with 600m of broadwater frontage, our Kincumber site is the perfect outdoor education environment for any school camp.

Curriculum Centred

Kincumber's unique location and size gives schools and teachers even more options for planning tailor-made teaching and learning experiences that will achieve a range of cross curriculum outcomes, all within a perfect outdoor education environment.

Depending on each school's needs, different programs can be developed to achieve student outcomes from across all stages of learning and curriculum areas.

Whether you need a quiet, retreat style environment suitable for Year 11 study skills camps or an action packed centre with activities suited to all ages, Kincumber still guarantees "way too much fun" for both primary and secondary schools.

Same Family Friendly Atmosphere

Our position as the leading private provider of outdoor education experiences is not just because of the range of curriculum solutions we offer but our family friendly atmosphere and our passion for what we do. At Kincumber, you'll receive the same friendly Great Aussie Bush Camp welcome that thousands of students and teachers have experienced over the past 3 years at our Tea Gardens location.

Outdoor Recreation and Education Activities

The Great Aussie Bush Camp at Kincumber offers the widest choice of onsite activities available from any outdoor recreation and education provider in Australia. At we've even developed a few more different and exciting activities to add even more fun to your camp experience. All activities are delivered by highly trained instructors who treat students like family and teachers like VIPs.
Whether you want adventure or relaxation, activities on the ground, across the water or even in the air, we've got it..

We also cover syllabus based programs such as our hands on Rock and Water program, Cross Roads for senior secondary students, Year 7 orientation, peer support and anti-bullying programs. While the PASS program helps students to develop physical activity skills.

A Wide Range of Programmed Activities

Our site at Kincumber has many of the activities that students and teachers have come to love at our Tea Gardens site. But to add a little more adventure to your fun, we've also added a few more activites that we think you'll agree are pretty unique - anywhere. For example, why not check out our awesome two person 'power fan' and the new 'giant swing' that depending upon size and weight, can handle one, two or even three people at one time. Now that really is one challenge that can deliver three times the fun!

Don't worry though, if you prefer your challenges to be a little closer to the ground, we've got you covered as well. Just because they're not high in altitude doesn't mean they're not high in adventure and adrenalin. Which ever activities you choose, we're certain you'll return home in high spirits and with plenty of equally tall stories of your Great Aussie Bush Camp adventure.

Frisbee Golf
Giant Swing (1, 2 or 3 person)
High Ropes
Lost Island
Power Fan (2 person)
Raft Building
Rock Climbing
Survivor Challenge
PLUS HEAPS MORE...to maximise student involvement.


Campsite Facilities and Services

Cabin accommodation
Full size rugby oval under lights
Dining hall/activity areas
Intimate Setting
Wide variety of activities
Separate teacher accommodation
Night time supervision
Quality catering facilities



Booking a camp at our Kincumber site is free from the stress and hassles normally associated with planning school camps. Just go to our online booking form and send us a booking request and we'll do the rest.



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