School Syllabus Inclusions

Aboriginal Studies Program and Buddy Camp

The Aboriginal Studies Program and Buddy Camps at The Great Aussie Bush Camp have been implemented for many years, prior to the mandatory inclusions in the Primary and High School syllabus.

Our programs are a unique opportunity for students to share experiences and develop friendships whilst gaining insight into the history and culture of Indigenous Australia.

We have exclusive access to significant local sites and NSW largest private artifact display, and when teamed with Koori Guides we are the only operator in NSW to offer such a program. Our Koori staff and other professional instructors will offer a wide range of Aboriginal Cultural and Social Study Sessions. When combined with some of our other exciting activities, it is the experience of a lifetime for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.


Program Outline: All Years

  • Cross Cultural
  • Awareness
  • Friendships

Duration: 2-5 days

  • Local Indigenous Histor
  • Develop Technical skills
  • Teamwork


PD/H/PE Camps

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Our industry attracts many PE teachers as staff, this is reflected in our quality PD/H/PE programs. We can tailor these programs to meet any year group, with a variety of focus areas. Please feel free to contact us for assistance in planning your camp.

Our common Year 11 program is listed below as a guide only. As you can guess, each year group from each school will have a slightly different program.

Program Outline: Year 7 to 11

  • Outdoor Recreation Module
  • Outdoor Recreation Pursuits and Facilities
  • Value of Outdoor Recreation Pursuits
  • Leadership and Communication Skills
  • Administration and Management Skills
  • Technical Skills

Duration: 3 days

  • First Aid Module
    • Principles of Treatment and Management
    • Prevention
    • ClassificatioTypes of Injuries and Treatment.
    • First Aid Scenarios




The Great Aussie Bush Camp is located in the middle of the Port Stephens area which has an endless supply of resources relevant to geography studies.

This program has been designed by a geography teacher with a variety of experience in both teaching and writing geography programs.

Program Outline: Year 7 - 10

Duration: 3 days



  • Please contact our office for more information.


Year 11 Study Camps

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Our Year 11 Study Skills Program is designed and run by Dr. Keith Macpherson. It was developed in 1980 and has been continually updated.

The program has been implemented in more that 200 Australian High Schools, both with us and privately.

The program incorporates regular workshops along with several of our exciting activities.

Program Outline: Year 11

  • Introduction and Overview

  • Time Management

  • Using the PLRS Learning Cycle

  • Video Reinforcement of Time Management

  • Effective Learning

    • Why Do We Have Trouble Reading Text Books?

    • Why Don't We Remember What We Read?

    • The Six Steps to Effective Learning

    • How to Write Summaries

    • Video Reinforcement of Student Learning

  • Memory Loop

    • Using the Memory Loop

    • The Memory Slip Approach

Duration: 3 days

  • Writing Essays

    • Analysing Essay Questions.

    • The Three Kinds of Words to Look For

    • Introduction and Conclusion

    • Body

    • Paragraphing

    • The Three Types of Sentences Required

  • Learning Style Profile

    • 15 Minute Survey

    • Determine Preffered Learning Style

    • Techniques to Improve Student Learning

    • Coming to Terms with why Students Act and React in Certain Ways


Crossroads Program

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As an alternative to an 'in-school' program, The Great Aussie Bush Camp offers a newly developed, practically based Crossroads program.

We are currently one of the largest private providers of quality Crossroads programs for NSW State High Schools (including our other sites). The course has been developed by current employees who are fully trained and qualified PD/H/PE teachers. The whole program is run by our qualified staff and is aimed to take the pressure off the teachers.

Several sessions during the program will be devoted completely to Crossroads issues, while the other activities that students participate in during their stay will have a Crossroads orientation. By the end of the week students will have approached these issues in a variety of manners and will have had many opportunities to reflect, discuss and comment upon them.

All workbooks and materials for the program are provided, though if there are any specific focus areas for your school then please don't hesitate to ask us about designing an individual program.

Program Outline: Year 10

  • Develop positive relationships between peers
  • Understanding the consequences of relationships
  • Understanding different types of relationships
  • Gain a better understanding of themselves
  • Discuss the consequence of drug use
  • Understanding why people take drugs
  • Alternatives to drug use
  • What is safe drug use?
  • Technical skills (per activities undertaken)

Duration: 3 days

Optional Inclusion:

  • Study Skills, PD/H/PE, Geography, History, Tourism
  • Dolphin Watch Cruise
  • 1- 4 day camps instead (generally 3 days)




Gold Town

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Are your students studying the HSIE Gold Unit? The Great Aussie Bush Camp offers a 'Gold Town' experience.

This program allows students to extend on their knowledge learnt in the classroom.

Program Outline: Year 5 & 6                                                  Duration: 2-3 days


  • Reinforce class lessons
  • Presentation on discovery of gold in Australia and its impact on our country's development.
  • Discovery of gold in this region and impact on the local area's development.
  • Properties of the metal and its uses
  • Underground tour of the famous 'Mountain Maid' Gold Mine.
  • Gold panning.
  • All meals and accommodation.
  • Challenging outdoor adventure activities facilitated by our trained staff including night activities.



Anti Bullying

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The Great Aussie Bush Camp's Anti-Bullying program is an alternative for students & teachers.

Students are presented with information & tools to interact in society in an acceptable manner.

Program Outline: Suitable for all years                                  Duration: 2-3 days



  • Promote student behaviour, prevent anti-social behaviour, and encourage respect, compassion and cooperation.
  • Demonstrate that all students have a right to be free from bullying at schools.
  • Demonstrate how the incidence of bullying in schools can decrease with increased awareness of how bullying affects our society.





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