Adventure Camps Near Sydney, NSW

Two Great Camp Locations

Bored children act out, but you can avoid that just by enrolling yours in an adventure camp. The Great Aussie Bush Camp offers a variety of activities to entertain any bored child, and we have two terrific adventure camps in NSW to offer you – Tea Gardens and Kincumber. Our camps are designed to teach your child some amazing life skills that they will hold onto long into the future. These skills include problem solving, collaboration, teamwork, leadership, and more.

The Fun Activities Available at Our Adventure Camps in Sydney

The activities offered at our camps in Sydney, NSW have been separated into five areas – high activities, water activities, initiative activities, other activities, and excusions. The Kincumber location also has a separate area of activities for our adventure camp. In NSW, we offer archery, sailing, snorkeling, swimming, fencing, camping, and more.

Our excursions include beach picnics, a dolphin cruise, and visits to Dark Middens Point, Mt Yacaaba, and the Mungo Brush Rainforest. The beach picnics are a great way to mix up your child’s experience at our camps in Sydney, and it gives them a relaxing opportunity to enjoy a local beach and some tasty BBQ food. The dolphin cruise involves a trip to Port Stephens, which is home to Australian bottle nosed dolphins. This incredible excursion can be requested by our campers.

Campers who visit Dark Middens Point, Mt Yacaaba, or the Mungo Brush Rainforest will learn more about Australia and its incredible history. Did you know that Dark Middens Point is just an aboriginal rubbish dump? A visit to this location gives our campers an insight into how the indigenous people of Australia once used their environment. A hike up Mt Yacaaba will give campers an incredibly rewarding view overlooking Tomaree National Park. Bird lovers will enjoy an excursion to the Mungo Brush Rainforest. Its location near the Myall Lakes makes it home to many bird species.

The Great Aussie Bush Camp’s Marine Program

Our campsites have teamed up with The Australian Shark & Ray Centre to offer an amazing marine program for your future marine biologist. This program is open to children as young as 3 and as old as 15. Our programs are run by certified professionals who know their stuff, so your child will get accurate information about marine life. This program is available to any child attending our camps.

The program runs over three days and covers a number of activities. Your children will get the marine experience of a lifetime from hand feeding sharks up to 3 metres in length, rays up to 300 kg, and large fish. All of the children have the opportunity to feed these incredible animals from the side of the tank, or more daring individuals can climb right into the tank!

Children who attend our camps are sure to have a blast, and your child can join in the fun. Visit us online, and fill out our online booking enquiry form to get started. We want to make your child’s camp experience an incredible one, so contact us today!