Night Activities

Facilitated as a whole school group, students and teachers have the opportunity to have lots of fun during our various activities designed to engage student’s right until bedtime.

Challenge Night

Teams battle the night away completing fun challenges such as ping pong flick, paper plane throw, balloon pop, wall sit and many more. Valuable points are given out during the evening for achievement, creativity and teamwork. Which team will rein champions and win the title of “Aussie Bush Camp Challenge Champions”.


Commonly referred to as “Spotlighting in the Bush”, this game is all about stealth, skill and strategy. The Goal – Rescue the Captives. The Challenge – Don’t get spotted. Participants are split into smaller groups and head out into a designated commando area with a life token. Teachers and instructors patrol the area and captive base trying to spot them. If spotted they lose their token and head back to base for the chance to prove their worth and gain another token. Great fun for everyone.

County Fair

Have you ever wanted to run your own stall at the local fair. Well now you can. This teamwork based activity has participants operating various activity stalls in groups from skee ball, bakery, milkshakes, arcade, basketball shoot out, jumping castle and many more. Its not all business as participants get to spend their earnings in the form of “Aussie Bush Camp Dollars” at the stalls as well. This activity is a lot of fun for all and teaches participants about responsibility, cooperation and respect.

Disco Night

Love to dance and get you groove on? Then the disco will be your favourite activity. With an array of the latest hits, we play music that is age appropriate so participants can dance the night away. We have our own set up with full sound system, lights and of course the famous disco ball.

Games Night

What better way to spend the night than playing great games and interacting with others, all while having loads of fun. With so many option of games to play from physical to strategy, silent to loud, our instructors ensure maximum engagement and involvement for every session.

Movie Night

Sometimes camp can be so exciting and full of adventure that you just need some time to relax. Having our very own theatre with tiered seating, recreation halls a plenty and a wide range of movies to suit all ages, it makes for the perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy the show.

Night Walk

With over 70 acres and an abundance of wildlife, why not explore our Tea Gardens Centre on a night walk. Your instructor will lead the group through the site where you may find possums, kangaroos, bilbys and other animals or insects that are active at night. Suited more to smaller groups.

Talent Quest

The stage is set, the curtain is drawn and the lights are on. Now all we need are some excited performers. Whether they perform as a solo act or in groups this night is full of fun and gives participants the opportunity to be creative and show off their talents. We recommend giving students some time to prepare at school before attending camp.

Trivia Night

What is the largest continent? How many players are there on a baseball field? Who are the lead actors in the movie ”Australia”? Teams test their knowledge and brain power during our many rounds of trivia. With questions suitable for all ages relating to movies, sports, food, geography and many more, this will be the night your allowed to answer back.