Commonly referred to as “Spotlighting in the Bush”, this game is all about stealth, skill and strategy. The Goal – Rescue the Captives. The Challenge – Don’t get spotted. Participants are split into smaller groups and head out into a designated commando area with a life token. Teachers and instructors patrol the area and captive base trying to spot them. If spotted they lose their token and head back to base for the chance to prove their worth and gain another token. Great fun for everyone.

The Great Aussie Bush Camp is currently updating its photo library of the more than 40 activities we have on-site plus our fabulous off-site activities. At the moment we don’t have many photos or up-to-date information of our Commando program, so please enjoy the rest of the site where you can find lots of photos and videos. We hope to have this section updated in the near future so please come back and visit us again soon.