Are You Looking for High School Camp in NSW?

The Great Aussie Bush Camp Offers Two Spectacular High School Camps on the NSW Coast!

Do you want your teen to regain or strengthen their interest in school, build new friendships, and explore the beautiful bushland of Australia’s least developed areas? Our camp offers all of these things and a great time to boot!

We offer two welcoming locations on the Central Coast which encourage teenagers to participate in learning valuable lessons with our fun curriculum-based activities. We are the leading providers of high school camps in NSW with a consistent satisfaction rating of 9.5 out of 10.

Our Original Location: Tea Gardens

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we’re proud to have had our Tea Gardens school camp operating for fourteen years. Located close to the white sand beaches of Port Stephens and the quaint coastal town of Hawk’s Nest, Tea Gardens is the best place for teens to enjoy an outdoor high school camp in NSW.  Our highly trained camp staff works hard to create a truly memorable experience for each student who stays at our camp.

Our Newest High School Camp near Sydney

Kincumber Camp is our second camp location serving all school aged children. Our camp is located less than 100km from Sydney and even closer to Newcastle. Not only is this a convenient location for all schools in Hunter Valley, but this is also our most expansive site covering forty hectares of unspoiled Aussie bushland for your teen’s inspiration. We’ve brought the same family friendly experience of Tea Gardens to our high school camp near Sydney so that all Sydney siders can experience The Great Aussie Bush Camp experience.

Helping Guide Teens for Fourteen Years: About Our Special High School Programs and Activities

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we’re proud to provide high quality, tailor made high school camps to NSW schools. We’ve been hosting high school camps in NSW at our original location for fourteen years. We’ve used our extensive experience to create activities and programs specially made to engage and enrich the lives of adolescents.

Some of our high school age appropriate programs include our Outdoor Recreation Skills Program, Study Skills Program, and Anti-Bullying Program. These three are geared towards directly improving the high school experience through interactive programs. Additionally, we offer programs meant to help teens with life after high school, such as our new Rock and Water Program and Crossroads Program, made specifically for Year 11 and 12 students. Our Rock and Water Program is an evidence proven program that aims to improve the adolescent’s sense of self through body, emotional, and self-awareness activities. The Crossroads Program seeks to educate Year 11 and 12 students on the topics of drugs and relationships to help guide teens in making right decisions after high school ends. We offer many physical activity programs, like our PASS Program, which are enjoyed by students of all ages.

A trip to one of our locations at The Great Aussie Bush Camp is the perfect school holiday for any high school student in NSW. We have years of experience creating supportive and informative camp environments.