Send The Kids To Camp At The Best Kids Camps Near Sydney In NSW

Send The Kids To Camp At The Best Kids Camps Near Sydney In NSW

When it comes to kids camps in NSW, there is none like the Great Aussie Bush Camp. In operation for 14 years, the camp provides programs to students in an outdoor setting that are both relevant and memorable. Activities are fun, and students learn through experience. There is an emphasis at these kids camps on teaching and learning experiences in a family friendly atmosphere. The Great Aussie Bush Camp also works with teachers and principals to help plan rewarding experiences for students. Oftentimes, teachers and principals have a difficult time planning school camps.

Outdoor Learning At Kids Camp In NSW

At the Great Aussie Bush Camp, students experience a variety of programs that are delivered in the unique and authentic Australian environment. It is the one kids camp near Sydney where students will be treated like family and teachers like VIPs. Students work with the highly trained instructors at the camp and participate in a wide variety of activities. In fact, the camp offers the widest range of activities of any other outdoor kids camp.

All of the programs at the Great Aussie Bush Camp are delivered in sequence with the idea that challenge by choice will allow students to go beyond their comfort zones and progress at their own pace. Different activities can be planned depending upon an individual school’s needs. The staff at the camp will work directly with teachers and principals to meet the needs of a school. This is part of what puts the “Great” in the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

What The Great Aussie Bush Camp Can Offer You

The focus at the Great Aussie Bush Camp has always been on providing quality programs and activities to give students and teacher a memorable experience. The programs at the camp are fun yet challenging. They will bring students out of their comfort zone and help them learn through experience. The activities are diverse with well over 40 to choose from. Schools work with the staff at the camp to design programs that are relevant so the schools can achieve quality educational outcomes.

While programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual school, all of them are offered in a family friendly environment and in an authentic bush setting. Some of the programs included are anti-bullying, study skills, peer support, and expedition and bivouac. The number of activities that are offered are more than any other kids camps in the Sydney area. It is part of what separates the Great Aussie Bush Camp from other outdoor education centres.

The camp is definitely doing something right in providing quality outdoor education. Now, the camp’s programs are available at two locations, the original site at Tea Gardens and the new facility in Kincumber. Regardless of the site, students will get the same Aussie experience. Teachers will still benefit from the relaxed, stress-free environment no matter which location they choose.