Experience Outdoor Education Camps In NSW By Attending The Great Aussie Bush Camp Near Sydney

For quality outdoor education, the experience at The Great Aussie Bush Camp in NSW cannot be beat. The camp, which has been in operation for 14 years, has been providing memorable teaching and learning experiences in an authentic Australian setting. The variety of programs and activities offered is larger than any other outdoor education camps in NSW. The staff works with schools on an individual basis to ensure they meet their goals. By working with teachers and principals, the camp relieves some of the stress involved with planning a school camp.

What Makes The Great Aussie Bush Camp So Great

The camp strives to stick to its mission of creating fun and challenging programs that helps students learn through experience. Activities are designed to help students step outside of their comfort zones and achieve things that they have never done before. The staff at the camp realises that not all students excel at the same things and designs diverse activities to ensure that all students can achieve. The programs are always relevant and designed to be memorable. By taking the time to create these rewarding experiences, The Great Aussie Bush Camp has become the premier outdoor education camp in NSW.

The staff at the camp works with individual schools to help design meaningful programs designed to achieve the student outcomes desired. Curriculum areas can be combined, if needed, to achieve the desired results. The programs offered at the camp include peer support, study skills, anti-bullying, and the rain forest experience. The variety of activities and programs available is part of what makes The Great Aussie Bush Camp a great experience for students.

A Quality Outdoor Education Camp Near Sydney

In the Sydney area, teachers and students will not find a finer outdoor learning experience than that provided by The Great Aussie Bush Camp. The camp has become so successful that it now has opened a second location. The original site is located at Tea Gardens and the new facility is in Kincumber. The challenging and rewarding experiences are the same regardless of the location that is chosen. One great Aussie; two great locations.

No matter where students and teacher decide to attend, they will find the camp a wonderful experience. Students are treated like family, which helps them to feel more at home. Teachers are treated like VIPS and get to enjoy a relaxed, stress free environment while the highly trained camp staff works with the students. All of the activities that students take part in are delivered in a sequential manner. The idea is that by challenging students and giving them the opportunity to choose will allow them to step out of their comfort zones at a pace that feels right for them. It is part of the challenge by choice approach to which the camp adheres.