Q: Are the employees of The Great Aussie Bush Camp, engaged in child related employment screened for their suitability to work with Children by The Office of The Children’s Guardian?

All team members paid or unpaid, are screened through The Office of The Children’s Guardian as to their suitability to work in child related employment. This is done as per the Child Protection (Working with Children) Regulation 2013.

Q: Are the instructors qualified to run the activities?

Our instructors have completed the necessary assessments required to facilitate all activities and undergo a rigorous training program during the hiring process. Each instructor carries a Senior First Aid certificate and a Royal Life Saving Bronze Medallion with regards to aquatic rescues.

Q: Who determines the activities the students participates in?

The organising teacher receives a list of available activities and then requests the ones they feel are best suited to the age and experience of the children. Our programming team then formulate the program based on this information.

Q: Does my child have to participate in all the activities?

Students are encouraged to have a go at each activity to maximise their camp experience, however are never forced to participate. We apply a ‘Challenge by Choice’ philosophy to all of our activities, which enables students to achieve their individual goals.

Q: What is the food like?

The food is tasty, nutritious and filling to ensure students have enough energy throughout the day. The menu has been designed to cater for a wide range of students tastes and can include meals like hamburgers, spaghetti bolognese through to a traditional barbeque with sausages, rissoles and a salad bar. There are various hot and cold options for breakfast including pancakes, scrambled eggs, spaghetti and different types of cereal. Fresh fruit is available at every meal including morning / afternoon tea as well as refreshments to make sure students stay hydrated.
If you have any specific dietary requirements please liaise with your school or call us to discuss the options.

Q: Can the kitchen cater for specific dietary needs?

The Great Aussie Bush Camp is aware of the potential allergic reactions some students face if exposed to certain food types and food additives. We are also mindful of the specific needs of different cultural groups. Therefore, we cater for all sorts of dietary requirements including coeliac, vegetarian, halal, lactose intolerance, anaphylaxis, severe allergies and many more.

In specific situations students may have the option of bringing their own food however please contact the school and speak with the organising teacher to discuss this.

The Great Aussie Bush Camp is allergy aware and has a HACCAP controlled kitchen with routine inspections from health and safety officers.

Q: What is a mess kit?

A mess kit consists of a plate, cup, knife and fork. We suggest packing plastic or melamine items as these are not easily broken or damaged. Please do not send disposable items as these are too flimsy.

Q: Is there an ambulance service nearby?

The closest ambulance service in Port Stephens is Tea Gardens and Karuah which are both approximately 10 minutes from the camp. The closest ambulance service on the central coast is Terrigal and Ettalong Beach which are both approximately 10 minutes from camp.

Q: How far is the closest hospital?

The closest hospitals and medical centres to our Great Aussie Bush Camp locations are:

Tea Gardens

The Maitland Hospital and John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle are both approximately 45 minutes drive from camp.

For accidents or students that are ill and require general treatment we use the Medical Centre in Tea Gardens which is approximately 10 minutes drive from camp.


The Gosford Hospital is approximately 20 mins drive from camp.

For accidents or students that are ill and require general treatment we use the Medical Centre in Wyoming which is approximately 25 minutes drive from camp.

Q: Who takes care of my child’s medication?

The attending teachers have sole responsibility for the administering of any medication to students.

Q: Who determines the room allocations?

The organising teacher from the school allocates students into their rooms prior to camp.