Are you Looking to Give Your Child an Incredible Experience at a Primary School Camp in NSW?

We have just what you need! We provide the highest quality primary school camps to the Sydney area. At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we offer curriculum based activities and programs meant to engage children and promote their natural curiosity and love of learning.

Why We Are the Leading Provider of Primary School Camp in NSW

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we have a unique way of opening up camp. All our students and teachers enjoy our Aussie welcome upon arrival in both our Tea Gardens and Kincumber primary school camps. Sydney schools have the option of visiting our Kincumber camp, our newest and largest camp located just 91km North of Sydney. Kincumber is set on a large forty-hectare stretch of unspoiled, authentic Aussie bush to get kids back to nature. We’ve seen that this works to promote learning and participation among children. Our original Tea Gardens Camp rests between the coastal town of Hawk’s Nest and the sandy Port Stephens and offers seven campsites and some exclusive programs and activities.

Both of our camps provide comfortable accommodations that aren’t far removed from nature, giving all students the experience of a real camping trip in the Aussie bushlands. We also provide separate teacher’s quarters, the highest standard dining facilities, and indoor sports facilities at both our primary camp locations in NSW.

Our Consistent 9.5 Out of 10 Satisfaction Rating

We are proud to say we’ve received extremely high satisfaction ratings since opening. Our philosophy revolves around using proven programs to help students learn while giving them a fun school holiday that they will never forget. We love seeing students return year after year and watching them grow into amazing young people, and that all starts with making a difference in the life of a primary school child.

We offer a few different programs specially designed for primary school age children to enjoy along with many activities to keep students actively learning. Our “Eureka It’s Gold” Program is a fun activity based program meant to show kids what it was like to live in a gold town and pan/mine for gold. For Stage 3 students, we also have a Rainforest Adventure program, which takes students on a guided rainforest adventure filled with curriculum based activities. This program is only available at our Tea Gardens location.

For all ages and locations, we offer our Peer Support and Anti-Bullying Programs, meant to help students make good social choices to benefit themselves and their school as a whole. Both of these programs show students proper models of behaviour. The activities in these two programs can help them deal with bullies, friends, and working in teams throughout their lives.

We offer many activities to keep kids engaged between participating in meals and programs. Students here have loads of fun while participating in our rock climbing, canoeing and raft building activities. We offer many more activities to primary school campers in NSW to increase student participation. All our activities are monitored by highly trained staff to ensure your kids are getting the best Aussie experience.