Want to Find a School Camp Near Lake Macquarie? No Worries, The Great Aussie Bush Camp Has Two!

Lake Macquarie is Australia’s largest coastal saltwater lake, located between the coastal cities of Gosford and Newcastle. Wouldn’t any child love to drive by such an unthinkably large lake on the way to a nearby camp? We sure think so, which is why we’ve expanded to have two school camps near Lake Macquarie just waiting for your child to explore!

About The Great Aussie Bush Camp

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we are one of the most popular choices for all schools seeking recreational outdoor education. Our mission is to provide all students of school age, from primary school all through high school, with an excellent and engaging curriculum program. We have developed many of our own activities, including our Crossroads program or high school seniors and our PASS program, a physical activity program to engage all ages.

We have been operating for fourteen years providing the highest quality recreational education. We take pride in our camps, and we dedicate ourselves to giving children memorable experiences. All of our camp leaders are highly trained with experience to ensure the quality of our program. This is why we have a consistent 9.5 out of 10 rating among former campers, teachers, and parents.

About our Two School Camps near Lake Macquarie

Our Original Location: Tea Gardens School Camp at Port Stephens
Our original location, Tea Gardens, is a school camp near Port Stephens and the coastal town Hawk’s Nest.  This camp is large with seven individual campsites for schools to choose from, and indoor dining and activity facilities. We offer nighttime supervision and separate teacher accommodations to give kids the most authentic Aussie bush experience. Our convenient location and highly trained staff make it even easier for schools to book a stay at Tea Gardens or our new location!

Our Expansive Kincumber School Camp is Near Gosford

We opened Kincumber, our second location, after seeing such great success with our first location during the past fourteen years. We wanted to build another school camp by Lake Macquarie, and Kincumber is in the perfect spot. Kincumber school camp is near Gosford, a coastal town off of Lake Macquarie. We’ve included many more all new activities at Kincumber, including those favourites from our original camp to encourage all kids to participate. By offering a range of activities, we ensure that all children of all ages, abilities, and interests will have a great time at our new Kincumber camp.

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we are dedicated to enriching the lives and enhancing the education of all children who come to stay with us. We’ve built our new location to expand our services to even more children because we want to make a difference in their lives. We encourage kids to explore not only physically, but to examine new ideas and concepts. We want children to become their own biggest advocate for improving their lives with quality education by encouraging their natural curiosity and love of learning through our proven programs.