Sydney Students Attend School Camps In NSW At The Great Aussie Bush Camp

Students and teachers in the Sydney area can benefit greatly from the variety of programs offered by the Great Aussie Bush Camp. It is truly a unique school camp in NSW that leaves its participants with lasting, memorable learning experiences. The camp has been in operation for 14 years and has built a reputation by providing the types of teaching and learning experiences that produce quality student outcomes. The camp has more activities available than any other school camp, with over 40 fun and challenging outdoor adventure activities.

What School Camps In NSW Should Be

The Great Aussie Bush Camp is a leader in the outdoor education industry in Australia. It has become a leader by sticking to its mission. That mission includes creating programs for students and teachers that are meaningful, fun, and challenging. Students can learn through experience, something a little different than the typical classroom. Activities designed by the highly trained staff at the camp are designed to challenge students as well. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones at their own pace. It is part of the camp’s challenge by choice philosophy and helps students achieve things that they never thought possible.

Students and teachers will recognise that attending The Great Aussie Bush Camp is not the typical school camp in Sydney. The more than 40 different activities are diverse and relevant and designed to achieve the student outcomes that are desired. Students will have memorable learning experiences at camps designed by the highly trained staff at the Great Aussie Bush Camp.

There Are Now Two Great Locations

The Great Aussie Bush Camp actually started many years ago as a theme park and movie studio, but one thing has always been a constant a commitment to learning and education. The camp has grown into Australia’s premier outdoor education centre through its commitment to students and learning. Because of its success, a second location has been added. The original site at Tea Gardens has been joined by a brand new facility located at Kincumber.

Regardless of which location is chosen, students still experience the authentic Australian environment. Students still participate in rewarding and challenging activities. They still receive instruction from the highly trained staff members at the camp. It is another of the reasons why the camp is the first choice among school camps in the Sydney area and in NSW.

Depending on the needs of an individual school, the camp staff will work with teachers and principals to design specific programs to achieve a school’s desired outcomes. If curriculum areas need to be combined to make it work, the staff at the camp will comply. All of the programs are still delivered in a family friendly atmosphere and in the authentic Australian bush setting. Schools can choose from a variety of programs such as anti-bullying, peer support, expedition and bivouac, and more.