The Great Aussie Bush Camp Offers Two Picturesque Locations

Are you a parent or teacher looking to give a child an incredible and memorable experience at camp? At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, and we offer a wide range of activities, two stunning locations in the Aussie bushlands, and a consistent 9.5 out of 10 rating among former camp goers. Whether you’re looking for a new camp for your child to attend each year or your child will be a newcomer, we have exactly what you desire!

All About Tea Gardens Camp and Kincumber Camp

Tea Gardens School Camp

Tea Gardens camp is our original school camp that has been operating for fourteen years providing children with challenging material, loads of fun and friendships, and unforgettable experiences. At Tea Gardens School Camp, we offer seven entirely separate campsites in one great location for your selection. We also offer an indoor sports hall and dining hall, along with activity areas, night time supervision, and separate teacher accommodation, as well as the highest standard catering facilities. Additionally, Tea Gardens School Camp offers a wide variety of activities meant to help children develop problem-solving skills and team building.

Kincumber School Camp

After having great success with our first school camp, we have opened up a new second location! Kincumber school camp occupies a much larger area of authentic Aussie bush than our first camp and includes all new activities. This camp sits on forty hectares of Aussie bushland near the coast. Located just one hour North of Sydney, this camp is in a perfect location for all children in New South Wales to experience.

About The Great Aussie Bush Camp

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we are looking to enrich children’s lives with a visit to the bush camp. We offer a broad range of active and engaging pursuits to promote curiosity and instil a natural love for learning in children. Our programs and activities are all curriculum based. It is our primary goal to educate children in a fun way. We want to actively involve children in their own learning and for them to keep that with them as they grow older. This is why we teach using enjoyable and educational activities. Over our many years of experience hosting school camps, we know that these activities get kids to participate in learning activities on their own initiative, no encouragement needed!

We offer programs to engage primary school age children as well as high schoolers. We work with teachers and principals to develop unique activities to suit each school. We make it easy for schools to book a stay with us with our wide range of activities tailor made for all ages and our flexible accommodation options at either Tea Gardens Camp or Kincumber Camp. The Great Aussie Bush Camp is the place to stay, learn and play for all school aged children. Our programs never fail to make your kids come home already looking forward to next year’s trip.