The Great Aussie Bush Camp Offers Youth Camps Near Sydney, NSW

If you are looking for a great youth camp near Sydney, NSW then look no further than the two locations we offer – Tea Gardens and Kincumber. Our camps make great learning experiences for a number of life skills that children will hold onto for good. Teamwork, leadership, and problem solving are just a few of the lessons children can learn at our camps.

Are you a teacher looking for a new way to give your students hands-on experience? A Great Aussie Bush youth camp in NSW offers a number of different programs that vary depending on the needs of the school, the age of the students, and the program you are looking for. Curriculum areas can even be combined, so you can easily cross off more than one thing from your to do list.

The Programs Offered at Our Youth Camps in NSW

Our programs vary depending on the location, but all are available to students in or around Sydney. Are you a primary school teacher? We have a number of programs perfect for students in that age group. Our Tea Gardens location offers a program that covers the discovery of gold. “Eureka – It’s Gold” will give your child first-hand experience with Australia’s mining history.

Another program only available at our Tea Gardens location is our Rainforest Adventure. This program is designed to teach your students about the rainforest and the people of the rainforest. This program is designed for primary school students.

High school teachers also have programs available to them. Our PASS program is a great alternative to in-school programs that would cover the same curriculum. For Year 11 and 12 students, we offer the Crossroads Program, which covers Relationships and Drug Education. Two of our programs also cover both primary and high school grades – Peer Support and Anti-Bullying.

Amenities for Teachers

Here at The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we understand how important our teachers are to the education of Australia’s children. With that in mind, we make our camps easy to book and plan. Although student welfare is the number one priority of our camps, our team members don’t forget our teachers. As you prepare to book your camp experience, a dedicated team member will help with all pre-camp plans. We even offer tailor-made programs to suit curriculum or student needs.

Teachers can also be prepared for a great experience at either of our camp locations. Our team members provide assistance with night time supervision, so you can get the rest you need for the next day’s activities. The teachers’ accommodations include a fully air-conditioned, heated cabin with a bathroom ensuite. There are also tea and coffee making areas and televisions.

At The Great Aussie Bush Camp, we make learning a hands-on experience like no other. Your students will learn from a specific program tailored to their curriculum or needs, and you will have the opportunity to relax a little knowing that your students are in capable hands.